In Nederland

Eric Marchand

Je komt mij vooral tegen bij de start van ons traject. Ik ben erbij tijdens kennismakingsgesprekken om meteen ook inhoudelijk advies te kunnen geven. Dus welke pakketten sluiten het beste aan bij jullie wens en hoe kunnen we die laatste 20% maatwerk slim inrichten om die zoveel mogelijk op te laten leveren. Daarnaast ben ik de architect van de software. Ik vind het heel tof om alle technische mogelijkheden die er zijn te gebruiken voor een perfecte oplossing.

Reinald Zeeburg

Je zult mij het vaakst zien en spreken. Bij onze kennismaking zorg ik ervoor dat we alle informatie boven tafel krijgen die nodig is om jullie van een compleet en passend advies te voorzien. Ook adviseer ik over slimme wijzigingen in je bedrijfsprocessen om gebruik van een standaardsoftwarepakket mogelijk te maken. Wanneer we samen aan de slag gaan ben ik projectmanager. Ik vind het fijn als alles gestructureerd, georganiseerd en overzichtelijk draait.

Ferdy Badenbroek

Bij mijn rol binnen The Code Crowd sta jij, de klant, centraal. Ik vertaal jouw wensen en ideeën naar een concreet projectplan. Daarnaast sta ik voor je klaar als er even iets tegenzit. Waar mogelijk los ik problemen direct op, of ik plan ze in bij één van onze ontwikkelaars.

In Roemenië

Ovidiu Piciorus

What do you like about developing?

I like developing, 
because many times is challenging, you don t have to make redundant work, you can help people to save more time through optimization some processes and I really enjoy to put my mind to solve many technical problems.

What are your hobbies?

In my spare time I like cycling, hiking, swimming(I was national swimmer for 4 years) and make any activities which involves people like board games or movies night with my friends. Also, I like to make research about things I want to learn like tech, science and history.

How do you like to help the customer?

I really like to put the idea of the customer in the code, reproduce the client’s image of the application and help him through saving time in their process of work.

What role do you usually have in a team?

My role in a team is to understand the requirements of the client, make interfaces, testing the application and bug fixing. I also like to get involved in finding the best solutions for the client and to take the initiative in solving the problems that appear during the process of developing an application.

What can we wake you up for during the night?

Anyone can wake me up at night who needs help for anything.

If someone were to visit Romania where must we go?

If you are in Romania you should visit: Lake Saint Anne, Padina and Sibiu.

What do you like about the collaboration with The Code Crowd?

What I like the most about collaboration with The Code Crowd is that the people are really open and very friendly and I feel like I’m part of a family.

Dragos Iliescu

What do you like about developing?

I’m passionate about building software first of all because of the intrinsic craftsmanship of code writing. That is, I enjoy being able to express my thinking process in a rational objective manner. I also enjoy the challenges of writing good, scalable code. Besides that, I like it that I’m always going to learn and never get bored, as technologies and frameworks will advance and there will always be a new thing to know.

What are your hobbies?

In my free time, I enjoy riding my bicycle, learning about arts and sciences, AI, philosophy, religion and metaphysics by listening to podcasts, online courses and conferences from around the world. Every once in a while I also find the motivation to read. Besides that, I’m quite keen on doing photography and I’m an avid music listener.

How do you like to help the customer

I help the customer through the whole software developing process with the following:
- I gather and understand requirements, advising the customer regarding business related decisions
- I design and integrate architecturally stable solutions
- I build easy to use visual interfaces
- I build scalable software to fit the customer’s business logic needs

What role do you usually have in a team

I usually take responsibility in the whole process during software development, so I have multiple roles: from gathering data, understanding requirements and advising the client, to implementing features and finally testing and bug fixing

What can we wake you up for in the night

Only my cat’s allowed to wake me up in the night, and that’s probably because he doesn’t have a “Silent” button.

If someone were to visit Romania where must we go?

Romania has plenty of historical, natural and certainly entertaining landmarks, but what I would recommend is a hike in the mountains, a trip to either Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara. These are highly cultural and historical cities that have tons of touristic attractions and are unique in their own magical way.

What do you like about the collaboration with The Code Crowd

From day one at The Code Crowd, I’ve felt welcome to express my ideas in a safe environment. I like that we’re helped and encouraged to learn new things. The colleagues and I are looking out one for each other, helping whenever possible. The collaboration with both the clients, the managing team and the colleague is a thoroughly pleasant experience for me.

Cosmin Moroita

What do you like about developing?

My professional goal regarding software development is to deliver quality. I like algorithms, object oriented programming and clean code.

What are your hobbies?

Mountain sports (skiing, climbing, mountain biking), Chess and mathematics and woodworking

How do you like to help the customer?

I support customers helping them to build clear requirements, performing analysis and design, estimations and presentations.

What role do you usually have in a team?

My role is backend software engineer and team leader.

What can we wake you up for in the night?

In the last years, I only woke up during the night when the kids were crying :-). But I would also be available if someone needs my help urgently.

If someone were to visit Romania where must we go?

I definitely recommend anyone to visit Brasov. Brasov is a city in Transylvania, surrounded by mountains, offering stunning views.

What do you like about the collaboration with The Code Crowd?

I like the projects, the collaboration with my colleagues and the pleasant working atmosphere.


The Code Crowd zoekt bewust samenwerkingen en heeft een uitgebreid netwerk aan ZZP’ers met elk hun eigen expertise. Door gebruik te maken van ons netwerk van specialisten op verschillende gebieden kunnen we jou en jouw bedrijf het beste helpen. Dit zijn bijvoorbeeld specialisten op het gebied van een bepaalde ontwikkel taal maar waar nodig ook mensen met kennis van bedrijfsprocessen, marketing en financiën.